“To have never taken a solitary road trip across the country? I mean, everybody’s gotta take a road trip at least once in their lives.”

that’s what claire colburn said in Elizabethtown, and at the time i saw this movie (the first time, to differentiate it from all the other times i saw it again), i did not know how to drive, and i did not have the full benefit of having come from 10 months of living on my own in CDO.

since then, i’ve taken so many solitary road trips, some of them of my own discretion. but what truly struck me about the road trip that claire had asked drew to take (apart from the mixed CD’s and the scrapbook) was when he visited the survivor tree.

source: StoryCorps’ A Tale of Two Cities

it spreads to the sky like an old soul that has survived tragedy, looking on with the wisdom of the years, with an intimate understanding of what humanity means (the way we’ll never appreciate it).

and i love trees.

since then i’ve taken to heart the plan to visit the survivor tree one day and sit under its shade. i’m thinking it might happen next year, but who knows till then?

meanwhile, i saw this and was totally enamored:

from: Historic Tree Nursery

and you know on my mind, the only thing running is: i wonder if this will grow in my garden. ♥