Except for when I’m taking a trip out-of-town, I’m not a big fan of long weekends. I prefer to take my breaks in little drizzles over a long week of work. That sort of set up allows me to take momentary pauses to reflect on the things I find myself caught up in.

Nonetheless, the long weekend spelled R&R with my family, and I’ve been sleeping, running errands with my mum, and catching up on shows I’ve been missing out on. Not bad at all.

Now, I’m winding down to make sure I’m ready to take on another half-week of work.

Anyway, some last Internet content that’s interesting, to say the least–

Norah Jones & Tony Bennett perform Speak Low

click for a video of their performance (NPR website)

Town of Cats, by Haruki Murakami

A copy of a Murakami work translated by Jay Rubin, as published in the New Yorker

“Jennifer 8. Lee Hunts for General Tso” on TED Talks

This is my favorite find of the day! Really entertaining talk on the Asian-American culinary interaction that does not sacrifice content.