It might be because of my incessant need to achieve, or my obsessive-compulsive tendencies, but I do love a good  list. Regardless of the actual reason, I turned 25 recently (and declared The Year of Making Awesometastic Things Happen), so I figure it’ll be a good time to set “goals”.

I haven’t finalized my list of key initiatives under The Year of Making Awesometastic Things Happen, but I found this awesome list called “A Philippine Traveler’s Bucket List: 30 Cultural and Historical Must-Sees” that made me think: I need a plan to approach the next 12 months. Granted, this list is a little distorted in that there’s just way too much Luzon territories and not much else (I think Dapitan should have made the list, my bias for VisMin as a result of my honorary Bisaya status notwithstanding), but I’ve found this list to be spot on for some of the sites it’s covered. I’ve shamelessly listed the 30 items found in the site, but if you click-through the link you’ll find a short description per item as to why a particular item is worth pursuing.

For the sake of target-setting, I’ll emphasize by underlining the things I’ve accomplished.

1. Pick strawberries in Baguio — Done, in November 2011!

2. Go spelunking in Sagada — to do again, again, and over again ♥

3. Visit the cobblestone streets of Vigan – did this when I was much younger. Maybe to do again?

4. Go horseback riding in Tagaytay

5. Visit the Shrine of Blood Compact in Bohol – Done, November 2011!

6. Watch the Sinulog Festival in Cebu – I’ve been meaning to do this, for the longest time! Will 2012 be the year I get to?

7. Decorate a house for the Pahiyas in Quezon

8. See the Masskara Festival in Bacolod – was there in 2010, and I expect 2011 to be doubly awesome!

9. Dance with the Ati-Atihan in Aklan – I’m feeling that compared to Masskara though, this’d be more my thing especially if the crowds are enjoined to dance along!

10. Go on a Day Trip to Corregidor

11. Go to a pottery workshop at Ugu Bigyan

12. See the windmills of Bangui

13. Tour the Malacanang Palace

14. Visit the Barasoain Churchthe #1 man in my life (aka my grandfather) is buried in the vicinity, so I’m here a lot.

15. Explore the Coconut Palace

16. Ride the old locomotives in the sugar plantations in Negros – I lived in Bacolod City. I am confused as to why I have never done this.

17. See Rizal’s home in Calamba – It was so much fun doing this with my family!

18. Visit the pineapple plantations in Mindanao – The site describes the Polomolok plantations, but I’ve seen the massive plantations in Bukidnon during my stay in North Mindanao. Way too awesome for words!

19. Go on a calesa ride or a walking tour of the streets in Intramuros

20. Tour Fort Santiago

21. See Magellan’s Cross and the Sto. Nino Shrine in Cebu – I managed to tour these sites a second time last year during my CDO Sanity Break (connecting flight via Cebu). Surprisingly still in awe despite having seen these places when I was 12.

22. MacArthur’s landing site in Leyte

23. See the Spoliarium at the National Museum

24. Meet the Igorots of the Cordilleras

25. See the Lights and Sounds Show at the Rizal Park

26. See the pteroglyphs in Angono, Rizal

27. Eat lechon in Cebu – As an Honorary Bisaya, I have very strong opinions about my lechon. If you’re from Luzon, Cebu is a good place to start. Barangay Timoga in Iligan City will be the best place to end your quest for the best lechon. Ever.

28. Eat balut in Pateros

29. Try out the original sisig in Pampanga – although I have yet to try Mely’s!

30. Gallery hop in Antipolo and Rizal

This isn’t a terrible hit-rate, but hopefully the ones that are easier to accomplish (Angono, Rizal, anyone?) should be well within scope to complete before I turn 26.

Time to make my bucket list. ♥