I’m Tet, and during the day, I work in corporate somewhere south of Manila, Philippines, but spend the rest of my days playing kendo, driving around, spending time with my important people, and wondering about how to make my half of the universe* better with each passing day.  When time permits I love to write, to take photographs, to cook, and to run to clear my mind.

Currently I’m filling up this blog with some reflections, some life developments, some plans, some photos of food I make and places I go to, and sometimes, even essays that I write to talk myself to be brave enough to make the changes I need to make in my life.

Elsewhere online, I write short pieces of poetry and prose on my tumblr account. I also microblog on twitter.

*A friend once told me that I somehow owned half of the universe, or at least acted like I did. The thought is comforting to me, always.